Our Services

1- Quality

We offer consultations to our clients on the most appropriate quality programs for their field of work, and we offer advice on obtaining these programs from the best accreditation agencies in terms of specialization, professionalism, and cost. • We organize the necessary training courses for each type of quality accreditation, and from the best providers, due to our long experience in this field. There are courses for medical laboratories, medical care providers, and auditing bodies for conformity to Halal products, ISO 15189, and the ISO / IEC 17000 group, and more.

2 – Calibration

  • We provide calibration services for more than ninety majors and from prestigious institutions and companies whose capabilities in measuring CMCs have been audited with high professionalism.
  • We organize training courses in most areas of calibration with certificates and by the best specialists who have been carefully selected. Our services also go beyond the theoretical side to the technical side, as we provide consultations in the field of purchasing the most efficient and best-measuring devices for the customer.
  • We organize Proficiency Testing Programs (PTPs).
  • We deal with an authorized distributor of certified reference materials manufactured in Australia.

3 – Metrology

  • In the field of Metrology. Our institution deals with specialists who are members of more than one international standards organization such as the International Bureau of Weights and Measures BIPM and regional organizations such as the Gulf Metrology Association GULFMET and the European Association for Standards …. URAMET and others.